Apparitions | A  Performative Installation, 2018

An art installation inspired by Britten's opera The Turn of the Screw

Aurora Cultural Centre,  Blue and Red Galleries  2018

Troy Hourie Creator | Installation Artist

Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff Interactivity Consultantt

Chris Clifford, Oren Bowes and Thomas Smith Scenic Carpenters

Troy Hourie was featured on CBC Arts Exhibitionist series in 2019 discussing his Apparitions art installation, watch video through the link below:

Installation description excerpt from March Mercanti's interview for CBC Arts:

'In Apparitions, participants walk through the immersive installation that looks as if it's set in a haunted house. Within the structure there are three interactive components: a writing desk (viewers can open it to watch a film by Hourie); a bed (viewers can enter it vertically and see themselves lying in it in a mirror); and an attic (viewers climb a ladder to see into the room that's filled with children's belongings). When viewers climb the ladder, they trigger a sensor and begin a film played on the attic wall.

As impressive as all of these interactive elements are, it's his own performance that Hourie sees as powerful. That ghostly figure in the room with you? It's the character Quint, and Hourie doesn't break character as he stays in the room with viewers. He says, "I could use my presence as a way of encouraging the participants of the work to view the space in a different way." And the idea of performance has definitely been central to Hourie's practice: he's designed over 300 productions in theatre, musicals and opera.'

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