Dust | An Operatic Performative Installation


An opera by: Robert Ashley

Director: Bill Gustafson

Installation Scenography and Video Design: Troy Hourie

Associate Scenographer: Paul Cegys

Music Director: Joan La Barbara

Sound Design: David Van Tieghem

I was engaged as a visual artist to create a visual environment for Ashley's experimental opera Dust. The piece examines homelessness, disenfranchisement and antiwar themes. I invited Paul Cegys to collaborate in creating a mediated scenography that explored with myself as the artist onstage creating live feed images of both sculptural artworks and the performers in support of the text. This was the first professional project for The Paracosm Collective, founded by myself and Paul Cegys.

Photographs taken by Martin Seck are credited. See more of his work at http://martinseckphotography.com

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