Artist Residency at Artscape Gibraltar, Toronto.
Performances Dec 21-23, 2013.

This is an intermedial immersive art installation. During this residency I continued to develop a artwork I began investigating during my residency at Augmented  Stage in the Netherlands in 2012. 

It explores the idea of designing for wonder by exploring the esoteric nature of the opera Turn of the Screw. The spectator embodies Miles’ nightmare as he lays in bed. They are immersed in projected  images from the mind of the boy Miles as he dreamed of toys, a carousel and Quint’s ghost.

Special thanks to Tamara Henderson for her insight and my nephew Josh his portrayal of Miles sleeping. I am also grateful to the fellow artists at Artscape who participated in the viewings. Lastly, thanks to Malabar's Opera Department for the use of the boy's nightshirt.

Videos of immersions to be added to website soon. Please check back again.
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