This work was created as part of the Arcade Workshop presented by 2boys.tv at Playwrights Montreal. Stephen Lawson and Aaron Pollard instructed participants to 'get lost' in Montreal. My journey took me from the area of Centreville to St. Henri. Numerous discoveries were found in many places which lead to a feeling of being lost in wonderland. I filmed scenes of people living their everyday lives in the reflections of mirror like surfaces. On Rue Workman, I found a storefront a working class neighborhood that supplied various trades with their uniforms. The area of St. Henri is under major redevelopment.Construction workers are building condominiums they will never be able to afford at every corner in their own neighborhood. These two sources inspired an video installation in a shoebox where I embodied  a construction worker in a uniform with helmut mounted rabbit ears explore the wondrous place that is Montreal.

Special thanks to Stephen and Aaron for their advice and support on the project. The workshop was based on a 2boys.tv ongoing, roaming urban installation project called BOUTIQUE ARCADE.
Copyright 2013
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