Escape to Beira, Casa da Maravilha

Video installation piece exhibited at ARTErra- Residências Rurais Artísticas, Portugal (

I escaped to Lobão da Beira, Portugal, to immerse myself in a new culture and build an iinstallation piece based on my experiences in the Glass House Gallery in the town square of Lobão da Beira.

I began my journey by documenting moments and memories of my discoveries. Collectively, these images were manipulated and layered to draw out impressions that evoked the essence of the local culture and physical spaces in the Beira region. The derived work embraced the qualities of surprise and allowed for the work evolve organically. The entire process was documented with sketches, collages, photographs and video. These studies culminated in a fully immersive installation experience that took the spectator on journey to rediscover their community.

Over two thousand photographs and a hundred videos later, the final exhibition presented four installation pieces that collectively formed my Escape to Beira.

I am grateful and admire each of the following individuals who spent many hours collaborating with me on the project. Micaela Ferreira, João Rebelo, Daniel and Fernando Louro and Renato Ferreira.

Copyright 2013
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